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free shipping this Week

Brand New

3D Bar Necklace

A simplistic necklace, modern and feminine at the same time, mounted on a stainless steel chain for a classy and chic style. The 4 sides of this custom necklace can be engraved by us to indicate a message, a statement, names or just a simple “I love you”!

Brand New

SONG Bar Necklace

This unique Spotify Code Necklace is the best perfect gift for him/her. Custom the Spotify code necklace, choose any song title, artist name, and favorite photos you want, all can be imprinted on the this, and you can generate a unique Spotify code. You have to scan the code on the Spotify app, after scanning the code on Spotify, your song will start playing immediately.Offering Free Shipping For Few Days Only!

Brand New

Dried Flowers Resin Name Letter Light

Handmade resin letters with dried flowers with the wood LED night light for your home decoration or gift to your loved one. You can choose what color you want on each letter!


Founded in 2013 by Josephine Reid, BeSpecifik has a reputation for being the quality oriented online store. That’s because we just respect our customers! We’re obsessed about the products we stock. 

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Why Bespecifik

Each one of our handmade jewelry pieces is uniquely made just for you. With just the right designs, metals, and birthstones, your memories are captured in stunning personalized jewelry that speak beyond words.

It’s a privilege to take part in your life’s journey and to see the joy our work gives you.
And that’s the reason we love what we do.